Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Okay, so it probably looks too small to see all of the detail but if you click on the full image you might just be able to see what I was actually going for. Hope everyones enjoying the summer.

Ps. For some reason blogger seems to think this blog is a spam page (maybe because multiple people are posting on it? maybe the systems faulty? who knows) Anyways, no need to worry I sent a request to have someone look at it to verify that everything is how it should be and hopefully that will straighten everything out. cheers


  1. Holy detail, Batman!

    great great.

    We are not spam! I knew that sporky title was gonna cause problems...

  2. Darn you system! Thanks Gavin - great work too ^_^

  3. Wow, so cool :)

    Mmm spam, spam in a can (I don't actually like spam) - but troublesome titles are more fun than boring titles that do nothing! They think we're bots. Just shows we're productive, ha.

  4. haha, well it looks like bloggers had its top technicians check us out anyway and everything seems sorted. crisis over guys

  5. pretty nifty man, I'm liking the jellyfish lately.

    I am Barr Phillip Butulezi.
    On my last flight home to my home country my wife and kids died. I have a lot of money and all I require are your bank details, full address, telephone number and co-operation.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. open to all... SuperFly is an art exhibition in Dundee starting 28 sept, 2009
    Closing date for entries 14 september 2009
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