Thursday, 4 June 2009

The order of things...

Ok, here's the plan...and it's very subject to change - just keep checking back here incase new people are added/people don't want their week and it's passed onto the next person etc...

Isla (lets say it starts today - 4/6/09, Isla has 4 days, so by 8/6/09 it needs to be posted?)
Maddy (has from 8/6/09 to 12/6/09 to draw a response)
Leah (I have from 12/6/09 to 16/6/09 to draw a response to Maddy's response)

David - 16/6/09 to 20/6/09

Claire - 20/6/09 to 24/6/09

Ailsa - 24/6/09 to 28/6/09

Gillian - 28/6/09 to 2/7/09

Fiona - 2/7/09 to 6/7/09

Sean - 6/7/09 to 10/7/09

Alanna - 10/7/09 to 14/7/09

Kirsty - 14/7/09 to 18/7/09

& Gavin.

& David.

& Lauren

Feel free to illustrate all of them just for practise/giggles, cos the guys at the end are having to wait quite a while to get involved...

Does this sound ok? any thoughts/slanders?


  1. Hmmm I have a suggestion. Say someone posts it a lot earlier than the 4 days they're given, then obviously the person after that can start earlier too so... if everyone continues to do that, we could get through people a lot quicker and go onto second turns? If you see what I mean...? I don't know, now I've tried to explain what I mean I'm confusing myself.

  2. yeah, i was thinking that might happen and it has so all that was for nothing -_- lol but yeah, i guess we just keep going, starting as early as we all can, but keeping the 4 day limit the same - and once we get to the end we can re-jig the order to make it more interesting